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Spring Real Estate Update & Celebrating Monarca's Milestone

Hi there!, I hope you had the chance to witness the recent eclipse—a truly mesmerizing spectacle! With spring progressing, I’d like to share some pertinent updates from the real estate front, alongside a personal highlight.

Spring Real Estate Overview:

Affordable houses in Austin

As of March, we are experiencing a notable low in housing inventory, diverging from the usual uptick in closings typical for this season. This trend is largely driven by anticipations of falling interest rates, prompting many to adopt a wait-and-see approach. Nevertheless, interest in the market remains robust, as evidenced by my recent open house which welcomed approximately 10 couples, most of whom were first-time buyers.

Insights from Open House Visitors:

The common consensus among visitors is the challenge of finding affordable housing in Austin, prompting many to consider the suburbs. To assist you in navigating these waters, I’ve compiled a detailed article on the best suburban areas offering value for money. This guide is available as a free PDF which you can download here: Download the Article

Actionable Advice for Buyers and Sellers:

For those looking to buy, I strongly recommend getting pre-approved as soon as possible. With the impending real estate commission changes this July, many agents will require proof of pre-approval before showing homes. Sellers, you will also notice changes in the commission structure that could affect your costs, presenting more room to negotiate while ensuring more qualified buyers tour your home.

Update on Monarca:

On a lighter note, Monarca, my beloved horse, is turning two on April 21st! To celebrate, I’ve put together a video highlighting the wonderful journey of his first two years. I believe it’s a heartwarming watch that showcases the milestones we’ve achieved together. Watch the Video

As always, I'm here to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of real estate. Feel free to reach out with any questions or for further information.

Have a fantastic day, and I look forward to catching up next month!

Best Regards,




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