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What I Offer


Since I started my own photography business in 2001, I have been in charge of most of my marketing and advertising. Through the years I have worked with marketing and design professionals to support the growth of my business.

Then in 2022 I decided to take over 100% of my marketing, design, advertising, SEO, copywriting and analytics when the marketing world turned upside down.

To be good a one thing, you must dedicate yourself to that "one" thing. I am an expert when it comes to my photography skills and when it comes to marketing, I have great understanding of a lot of different aspects of marketing that have positioned my business as one of the top studios in Chicago and Austin, TX.  

I use the skills I have acquired over 20 years to help other women business owners with their own goals in three different ways:


Through my overall knowledge on marketing, photography and advertising, I will provide an analysis of your company's state of marketing and online presence. You need to know where you are in this moment in the following aspects:

  • Your website

  • Your branding

  • Your message

  • Your "funnel" or approach to attract clients

  • The efficiency to convert prospects into clients

Once I help you identify exactly where you are, I will build you a strategy to get you to the end result you want to see from your marketing efforts. This strategy will identify all the elements necessary to implement in your business as well as how to implement them effectively.


My own business is a portrait studio that I started as a hobby in 2001 and by 2005 I was legally established and officially open for business. My photography skills to help you in your own business are basically two:

  • Headshots and

  • Photography for your website and social media 

Your photography is what people see first and it must be professional and aligned to your business. The use of stock photography should be minimum, you need real photos that show you, your business, your team, your activities to your prospective clients to instill trust.


You will have a full report from my consultancy service that will tell you with detail how to go about implementing the recommendations I provide. I will try to add recommendations on companies you can hire to implement those actions or how you can do it yourself. You will have a list of software needed for each step of your funnel and how much they cost.

With this information, you can:


  • Do all the implementation yourself or someone on your team

  • Hire my service to manage your team to implement those actions, aiding them on how to do it properly and efficiently when they run into difficulties or questions 

  • You can hire my services to do it for you using my own software memberships so you save some money and time learning how to do  it yourself.

If you decide to hire me to do it for you, it will be on project basis where we will decide the most immediate step that needs to be implemented. Once that project is done and implemented, we will move to the next one. This way, you can decide how fast you go and you can manage your budget better.


Initial 30 minute Consultation is Complimentary

Ready to get your marketing working rigth?

What is your business lacking in marketing? Take the Quiz for a free evaluation.

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