I'm Not Fat, I'm Delicious

“Transform your thinking and awaken your beautiful”

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You're Beautiful

From the moment we are born we are judged by our looks, we are born either a pretty baby or an ugly baby. This is how women start a race chancing worthiness based on their appearance, how they live their lives and many things they do in the pursuit of acceptance from others. In the process, we become disconnected from who we truly are, finding ourselves lost, feeling not good enough, not liking our bodies, living an unfulfilling life or just going through the motions without any sense of direction or purpose, not knowing what we really want or makes us happy anymore.

All because we have spent decades trying to fit in, trying to please and be liked, becoming what others decide we should be, chasing our worthiness and acceptance everywhere and with everyone but never stopping to find it in the only place where it has resided all along, inside of us.

We are wired for connection, a strong need to belong and be loved. And from a very early age, the message we get from the adults in our life, society and the media is: you will not get love or acceptance from anyone unless you become the perfect version of the acceptable woman.

And that is how you probably woke up one day as I did at age 38 and asked yourself: how did I get myself here? This book will help you realize one major truth about how you got yourself to this point, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

As much as it is NOT your fault to find yourself where you are now, you must accept that nobody can get you out of it, only you can do it. Wherever you find yourself now, you don’t have to remain there. You can turn things around on your own, without anything external to you needing to happen in order to change things in your life. It all starts with a transformation of your thinking to awaken the beautiful woman you truly are.

I’m not fat, I’m delicious, is not only a book about loving your body with all its faults. It is a book that helps you understand your need to feel beautiful in order to thrive in life. How when you feel beautiful on your own terms and not a distorted and unachievable beauty standard, you become an empowered woman calling the shots in her life. Self-acceptance is the most powerful weapon a woman can have in her life and my goal is to give you the tools necessary to build your own undefeatable weapon against what others think you should be and become the most authentic and empowered version of yourself.

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Becoming Delicious